Business – AT1: Group Stand Up Brief – Nguyễn Minh Yến Linh’s Group (SACE khoá 4)

Video của nhóm tại:


Link to the pitch:

Result of the pitch


Ease vs Impact Matrix:



  • Create a fan page on Facebook and post the fake ads
  • Take advice from the experts

Do the research

  • Brainstorm how to improve the service
  • Take opinion from the customer
LOW IMPACT Drop Consider

Group work:

  • After consider carefully about the needs of customers, we decided to add a function of controlling available content on devices to our service and do the research to find out if customers like it or not
  • We discussed the methods we gonna use for research 
  • We did the research and validated and unvalidated assumptions
  • We improved our service due to the research findings


HMW questions:

  • How might we make the system easier to use?
  • How might we gain trust from customers by ensuring online security?
  • How might we create detailed instructions for the customers?




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