A SACEi student in the top 2% of SACE program graduates, receiving scholarships from University of Sydney

Bui Dang Chau Anh, SACEi student intake 3 (2019 – 2020) at SACE College Vietnam have graduated with a SACEi degree with a ranking score ATAR of 96%, which equals to ATAR of 98% when adding reward points.

It is worth mentioning that this student is in the top 2-4% of the best students graduating from South Australia’s high school program – SACE in 2020, being compared not only with Australia but globally. With this outstanding achievement, Chau Anh was also given an International Student Scholarship immediately from a prestigious Australian University – the University of Sydney and was able to start learning in University of Sydney from February 2021, when she had not graduated from her Vietnamese high school.

Additionally, Chau Anh also achieved the highest score in 3 subjects Business, Economics and Research Project that even students in Australia rarely achieve. With that achievement, Chau Anh was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the South Australian Department of Education. It is remarkable that these are subjects that the Vietnamese program does not have, which means, the basic knowledge of these subjects has not been equipped before studying the SACE program, but Chau Anh still broke through and achieved admirable results. The value of these subjects is to provide an important foundation for her future major. In addition, the program is designed to develop critical thinking, reasoning skills, discipline and responsibility for one’s own learning when always having to research and complete the assignments on time.

When being asked what is the secret to success in both programs, Chau Anh shared they are time management skills, learning how to balance homework at both schools, creating time to take breaks, and playing with friends to not get stressed. In addition, she also gives priority to the homework and exercises – the more important exercises, the more time will be spent on, so that they are completed earlier and students will not rush before the deadline. Regarding easier exercises, she tried to solve them in class, take full notes during lessons and avoid having too much homework in Vietnamese high school to do at home. By doing so, it will only take a little time to complete. Chau Anh’s key point is to face her own weakness and solve it early, thoroughly and without avoidance. For those subjects that are difficult to learn, at first, Chau Anh spent a lot of time, sometimes she spent 2-3 afternoons per week, to review her knowledge and do additional exercises from other materials.

Thus, studying dual or parallel high school programs with Vietnamese one brings many advantages to Vietnamese students, not only in terms of English but also knowledge and skills to best prepare for university study, and also an opportunity to enter university earlier, save money and time. Currently, students studying international high school degrees such as SACE can enter international universities in Vietnam; joint programs of domestic and foreign universities; or study abroad. Many students who completed the SACE program in 2020 have chosen affiliate programs and international universities in the country and will continue to study abroad in 2021. Some students will complete the Vietnamese program in May, 2021 to get a Vietnamese high school diploma, and thus, more university options open for them.

The SACEi program continues to enroll students for the new intake opening at the end of January 2022. To learn more about SACE students such as Chau Anh or other students successfully studying SACEi, parents and students can contact SACE College Vietnam hotline at 090 229 8558 or email info@sace.edu.vn for specific advice.

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