About Us

SACE College Vietnam is a pre-university institution providing International Foundation Programs to Vietnamese high-school students, that are designed to prepare them with the knowledge and skills necessary to study overseas. The programs offered by SACE College Vietnam include:

1. International University Foundation Programs prepare students with the knowledge and skills to succeed at university:
  • South Australian Certificate of Education International Program – SACEi: is a South Australian high-school program. SACEi is delivered in many countries around the world as a high-school and pre-university program. SACEi was first taught in Vietnam in 2017 at SACE College Vietnam.
  • Kings Advanced Level Foundation – Kings ALF: The Kings Advanced Level Foundation is a uniquely rigorous one-year pre-university programme. It is based on Pearson’s A-levels, which is the qualification recognised by the broadest range of high-quality UK universities.
  • US High School Smart Class: High School Smart Class is an immersive online program for students in grade 10 and older (16 years old) which leads to a US High School Diploma. In this class you learn at your own pace with personalised guidance Kings High School Advisor.
2. Generic skills and English courses
  • Shark Tank eSchool program:  The Shark Tank eSchool (STeS) program has been designed by MIE Lab in partnership with The University of Adelaide (UofA). The Shark Tank eSchool program encourages students to think creatively in developing solutions to real world problems, prototype their idea, and gives them the opportunity to pitch it to a panel of experts. Thus, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, understanding and personal capabilities to participate and compete in a fast-paced global society, so that the students of today can build their own future for tomorrow.
  • IELTS courses of all levels: With qualified native teachers who have rich teaching experience, we provide students with IELTS test strategies that will help them achieve their target scores.
  • SACE Junior: Sace Junior is a comprehensive English program for secondary students that is based on the Australian curriculum. This program aims to improve students’ English language knowledge, skills and the use of language in all three aspects: literature, language and academic.
  • Summer camps and study tours to Australia and the US: These programs aim to provide students with opportunities to study and experience high school and university systems in Australia and the US to shape their choice of their future study and career.
3. Study overseas consulting services
SACE College Vietnam is the official representative of many different high schools and universities around the world. SACE College Vietnam helps students choose suitable, overseas study options with reasonable tuition fees and the most attractive scholarships.

SACE College Vietnam vision is to become a center for teaching International High School Programs and International University Foundation Programs, study abroad counselling and career guidance in order to equip students with skills and knowledge for successful study in the future

SACE College Vietnam’s missions are
  • Providing comprehensive preparation of knowledge and skills to help students successfully study in national and international learning environments.
  • Creating an international environment for students to experience different cultures as well as knowledge and learning methods.
  • Offer counselling support and career guidance for students to have a clear direction for their future careers and jobs.
  • Developing and linking Vietnamese international students to form a strong and united community.

QUALITYWe only offer official educational programs that are taught by well-trained teachers who have long-term teaching experience, in an international learning environment with a student-friendly atmosphere.
COMPANION – SACE College Vietnam always accompanies students during their studies as well as their studies abroad journey. Career guidance and academic support services will give students a solid foundation and delete preparation.
EFFICIENCY – All learning and teaching activities are always geared towards learning efficiency and the interests of students.