Excellent academic results of SACEi students intake 3 (2019 – 2020)

Congratulations to SACEi students intake 3 (school year 2019 -2020) at SACE College Vietnam and Hanoi Adelaide School on graduating from the SACE International!

On December 15, 2020, the SACE Board officially announced the ATAR score – Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank globally. SACEi students intake 3 at SACE College Vietnam and Hanoi Adelaide School are also anxiously waiting for the results after 2 years of hard work studying the SACE International and it is proud that 100% of students reach graduation.

Do Nguyen Quynh Anh, H.A.S student, achieved 91% ATAR, which means she was in the top 9% of best graduates of SACEi program in 2020.

At SACE College Vietnam, Bui Dang Chau Anh, also a student at Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, learning SACEi in the form of part-time study, achieved 96% ATAR, which means she was in the top 4% of the best graduates of SACEi globally.

A year full of difficulties with the Covid pandemic, but with students’ own efforts and dedicated support from SACE College Vietnam, to meet the learning needs of each individual in a timely manner, the 3rd intake students at SACE College Vietnam and Hanoi Adelaide School has achieved admirable academic results. Back to the first day of COVID, when all schools were temporarily closed, SACE College Vietnam students still maintained their class schedule via ZOOM. Teachers applied appropriate learning methods such as dividing students to small groups and providing one-on-one when students needed more support, as well as changing the exam format to suit the new way of learning. It’s grateful to previous SACE students, who are studying abroad or in Vietnam and provide mentor-mentee lessons, for helping students adapt to the new way of learning and difficult exercises. The methods and study skills that SACE International equips students with independent study skills and quick adaptation to changes and that has been proven by a challenging yet successful school year of students at SACE College Vietnam.

With ATAR results, students of the Dual Degree Program will graduate from high school one semester earlier and can enroll universities from the spring term of 2021, at prestigious universities around the world, international universities in Vietnam or international programs at national universities. Some students achieved an ATAR of 91.95, which means that they are among the 9% of students with the highest ranking worldwide. The SACE Board in charge of managing SACE certificate and delivering SACEi program, under the South Australian Department of Education, sent a letter of congratulations to this year’s SACEi students, saying that: “Despite having to face with COVID-19 pandemic in the last school year, you have always studied hard and it is time that will always be in your memory. Now, with a SACE certificate and an ATAR score, you will confidently enter your university life and always remember that you have been equipped with the capabilities to succeed at the next level of your education, career and future.”

When studying Dual Degree Program at Hanoi Adelaide School or studying part-time at SACE College Vietnam, students can also choose to continue their studies to graduate with dual degrees – Australian and Vietnamese high school diplomas. Two high school diplomas will open up more opportunities to study at university level in the country or around the world. This is perhaps more important than ever in the time of COVID and in the future, when learning becomes more and more flexible and pragmatic, tailored to the conditions of each family and student.

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