Outstanding results of students at Kings Hanoi Intake 1 (2020 – 2021)

In the academic year 2020-2021, despite the difficulty of learning and teaching during the Covid-19 outbreak, the study journey and end results of the students at Kings were barely affected.

According to Kings Education’s global statistics, from the ALF graduates at Kings Education:

  • 86% receive offers from the top 20 British universities
  • 83% receive offers from the top 100 American universities
  • 50% receive offers from the top 50 American universities

In Vietnam, the classes of 2020 and 2021 achieved great results after nearly 1 year of hard work, despite the difficulties of distance learning due to the Covid pandemic, and Kings Education Vietnam takes pride in our students’ 100% rate of admission into universities in the UK.

Nguyen Dieu An, a student at King in the first class of the year, achieved a GPA equivalent to AA of A-Levels system – an outstanding grade that very few students can attain. With this excellent academic result and her active contribution to her charity project, Dieu An secured a 70% scholarship for an Economics and Mathematics Degree at the Queen Mary University of London, which is ranked 41st in the UK. Furthermore, she was also admitted to a number of other universities in the UK such as Brunel University London; University of London and the University of Westminster, London.

Besides Dieu An, many other students at Kings Hanoi received spectacular outcomes. 

Phan Ngoc Thuy Ha was admitted to Conventry University; Brunel University London; City, University of London; University of Westminster, London.

Doan Trong Duy received offers from the University of Westminster, London; Queen Mary University of London; University of London. 

Admitted to the Media and International Development Department of the University of East Anglia – ranked 46th in the UK – Luong Ngoc Khanh is another great achiever. He was also accepted into Bristol University, the University of the West of England and the University of Westminster, London.


Nguyen Le Cuong received excellent offers from The University of London, the University of Surrey, the University of Sussex, the University of Bath and the University of London. These are all high-ranked universities in the UK.


Nguyen Minh Anh was thrilled to hear that she was accepted into the International Event Management Course at the University of Surrey, ranked 39th among the best universities in the UK.

And many other graduates at Kings Hanoi have finished their applications and been admitted to a variety of universities in the UK, the US, Canada as well as Vietnam.

Forced to study online for two years during the pandemic, due to their own efforts and with the dedicated support from the education team, the students at Kings Hanoi still achieved admirable academic results. Some examples of the support provided to students by Kings Hanoi, includes providing feedback in a timely manner and supplementary 1-on-1 tutorials. 

Furthermore, the study methods and skills that the Kings Advanced Level Foundation program equips students with helps them to become independent, flexible learners that can quickly adapt to changes. The students were tested by the challenging school year, but through their successes, they proved they were capable of utilizing those skills to overcome the obstacles presented.

At the time our graduates were about to receive the certification and planning to go to the UK, the British Government also made a beneficial announcement for international students. University students would be supported by the British Government and the universities to get a free Covid-19 vaccination. Ensuring the safety of the students as well as allowing them to start their study journey on the commencement date of their courses. 

For those who do not know, Kings Advanced Level Foundation (ALF) is a special program designed based on the A-Levels educational program (British traditional high school program) that is taught by A-Levels teachers. This program is accredited by an independent examination board in the UK. Therefore, it is widely recognised as one of the best programs to help students progress into British universities. 

The Kings’ ALF course in Vietnam has a very high success rate; currently 100% of graduates from Kings Hanoi have been admitted to the top universities in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. 

The flexibility of the ALF certification opens up paths to additional, academic opportunities at both domestic and international universities. This may be more important than ever, as learning is increasingly becoming more flexible, more pragmatic, and tailored to the needs & circumstances of individual students & their families. 

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