SACE (South Australia Certificate of Education) is a South Australian High School program. SACEi is taught in many countries around the world to foreign students as a High School and pre-university program. The program is taught outside of Australia and is administered by the SACE Board, South Australian Department of Education.

SACEi taught in Vietnam is the South Australian High School program for grade 12th students and consists of 100 credits. The program equips Vietnamese high school students with English foundation and preparation before studying abroad. With this foundation, students will be directly admitted and able to study successfully at Australian and worldwide universities.

Completing SACEi program, students will receive a high school diploma issued by the South Australian Department of Education and receive an entrance exam score to apply to university – called ATAR. ATAR scores can be used to apply not only to Australian universities but also other universities around the world.


SACEi equips students with the knowledge and academic skills to succeed in higher level of education:

  • Foundations of Languages, Mathematics and Information Technology skills
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Multicultural understanding and ethical understanding
  • Personal and interpersonal skills
  • Research skills to solve problems, flexibility and adaptability to different situations
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset and think globally
  • Have skills to develop knowledge further and apply effectively in learning and life


SACEi includes a combination of 5 subjects that meet the entry criteria for the two divisions of Nature and Society. Thus, SACEi allows students to enter any major at their university level. These subjects ensure the improvement of students’ English proficiency and help them achieve the highest ATAR scores within their capabilities.

3.1. Compulsory subject:

  • English: Focusing on building and practicing strategic communication skills, reading comprehension, language analysis, and text construction.
  • Math Methods: Exploring, describing and explaining all aspects of the world using mathematics.
  • Research Project Subject: Selecting a research problem in an area of ​​students’ interest, exploring, and developing one or more competencies in the context of research.

3.2. Elective Subjects

  • Science: Focusing on scientific investigation skills and how to observe, answer, and think. Students use multidisciplinary approaches that focus on science and technology through the application of technology, design, and mathematical thinking (STEM).
  • Creative Arts: Students learn about the creative process to independently develop an individual artwork.
  • Economics: Students understand how the economy works, the structure, and how economic systems work.
  • Business Innovation: Students focus on understanding how to successfully manage business issues in individual, corporate and societal contexts on a local, national, and global scale.
  • Vietnamese: Students develop and apply knowledge, understanding, language skills, culture and identity, and interpret how culture affects communication.


SACEi program starts in January every year.

Students can complete the program in 10 months (full-time, for students who have completed 11th grade or equivalent) or 20 months (part-time, for 10th graders).

Study time:

  • Weekend: 1 session 3-4 hours
  • Evening: 2 sessions (part-time program) or 4 sessions (full-time program), 2 hours/session
  • Studying full-time in 2 summer months: June & July


  • Meet academic level: Students who have completed at least 11th grade Vietnamese high school program 
  • Meet English level: Equivalent IELTS 5.5 or higher, students who do not have an IELTS score can register for a free mock test at SACE College Vietnam

Applicable to: Students living and studying in Hanoi, and can attend lessons directly at SACE College Vietnam

Study time:

Weekend: 1 session (3-4 hours)

Weekday evenings: 2 sessions per week (for part-time students) and 4 sessions per week (for full-time students)

Intensive period: June and July

Applicable to: Students that have the following goals, who are either living and studying outside of Hanoi or living in Hanoi but cannot arrange an appropriate time for offline study:

  • Study abroad: The program will provide you with an official international high school degree to apply directly to universities in Australia or any other country worldwide, in parallel with completing the Vietnamese High school program. 
  • Study at other International universities in Vietnam: With a SACE degree, students are promised direct entry into universities such as Swinburne, BUV, Fullbright, RMIT…with no IELTS needed. And it is especially easier if students apply early for the February intake instead of the July intake after graduating from Vietnamese High School (for those who want to have a Vietnamese high school degree alongside the SACE degree).
  • Study at universities in Vietnam: SACE equips students with a strong foundation in English, soft skills and specialized subjects are taught in an international learning environment with native teachers. Making it a high quality program at a reasonable cost. 

Study time: 

Students get to choose and arrange their own timetable according to their personal school schedule and free time.

  • Weekend: 1 session (3-4 hours)
  • Weekday evenings: 2 sessions per week (for part-time students) and 4 sessions per week (for full-time students)
  • Intensive period: ALL STUDENTS need to attend classes IN PERSON at SACE College Vietnam in June and July (if the COVID-19 epidemic situation is under control). Due to the intensive study time, it is necessary to learn and communicate with teachers in person to guarantee effectiveness.


1.1. Registration fee

  • The registration fee for the whole course is 28,000,000 VND regulated by the SACE Board, divided into 2 payments. First payment is at the time of registration for admission in early 2022 and second payment is at the beginning of the second year.
  • The registration fee is collected by SACE College Vietnam and transferred in full to the SACE Board, for the management and quality assurance of the SACE International program in Vietnam in accordance with the quality standards in Australia.

1.2. Tuition fee

The undiscounted tuition fee of the SACE International program is 209,000,000 VND/student/two-year course.


2.1. SACE Ambassador Scholarship: (Scholarship applies to the first year)

  • 70% Scholarship: For entrance valedictorian, IELTS 6.5 or higher and pass the interview round with academic director and admissions committee
  • 50% Scholarship: For entrance runner-up, IELTS 6.5 or higher and on an early application basis until out of scholarships
  • 30% Scholarship: IELTS 6.0 or above and on an early application basis until out of scholarships
  • Startup Scholarship 15 – 25%: For students who win the Shark Tank eSchool Startup competition.

2.2. SACE Excellence Scholarship (Scholarship for 2nd year)

SACE Excellence Scholarships are awarded for the 3 best students in the first year of studying SACEi

  • 2-3 week summer study abroad course in Australia (exclude airfare and cannot be exchanged for cash or other forms)
  • 30% of tuition fee scholarship for the second year, awarded for the next 3 excellent students in the first year
  • 10% of tuition fee scholarship for the second year, awarded for the next 3 good students in the first year

2.3. Scholarships to university 

SACE is committed to having scholarships from 25-50% tuition fee from an Australian University if ATAR score is of 85% or higher (will be awarded 25-30% scholarship) and 95% ATAR (will be awarded 50% scholarship).


  • University of Adelaide: SACE graduates with 80% ATAR or above will receive a 25% scholarship when applying and studying at the University of Adelaide.
  • Flinders University: In addition to the scholarship offered by the university, students applying from SACE College Vietnam will receive an additional macbook air/ipad/laptop equivalent to AUD1500 (applied to the March 2022 intake).

* Note: Students who do not have official IELTS & TOEFL iBT test results can take the mock IELTS test at SACE College Vietnam to consider entrance scholarships.

When a student is offered 2 or more scholarships, the scholarship with the highest value will be applied, not COMBINE SCHOLARSHIPS or TRANSFER SCHOLARSHIPS.

  • The annual tuition fee is divided into 2 payment terms.
  • The above fee is only applied in case the tuition fee is completed on time.
  • Tuition refund when notifying 45 days in advance.
  • Tuition payment term and amount of fee applied for SACE International intake 6 of the academic year 2022 at SACE College Vietnam, applies a preferential policy based on the tuition payment term as follows:

The above fee discount is only applied in case the tuition fee is completed on time.

  • Students need personal calculators and computers for classroom learning.
  • Most of the materials are provided in the form of soft copies or handouts. Under certain circumstances, at the discretion of the teacher, SACE International students may be required to purchase textbooks. The annual cost of textbooks and learning materials is collected at actual costs.
  • Exam fees are set by the SACE Board and are subject to change at the discretion of the SACE Board. However, in all cases, the examination and assessment fee should not exceed 1,000,000 VND/student/year.
  • Calculators for Math: depending on the price of each time as well as the model, the reference price is from 4,500,000 VND to 6,000,000 VND.
  • The enrollment fee is payable annually and is NOT refundable under any circumstances. This fee is collected on behalf of the SACE Board and is used for assignment and grading purposes.
  • In case a student violates discipline and is forced to withdraw from school, SACE College Vietnam will not refund the tuition fee for the remaining period of the course.
  • In case of absence in the middle of the school year, students will be refunded 70% of the tuition fee for the unstudied period minus the preferential discount based on the payment period (if any).
  • Refund of tuition fees is made within 15 working days from the date of receiving the parent’s withdrawal application.
  • A withdrawal application form should be completed and submitted at SACE College Vietnam campus 45 days prior to the student’s decision. Tuition fees will be refunded via bank transfer to the account specified by the student’s parent on the withdrawal application form.

In case the tuition fees are not completed on time, the payable amount includes the fee/tuition and the late payment penalty fee as follows:

  • Within 5 days from the due date: No late payment penalty fee.
  • From the 6th – the 14th day from the due date: A penalty fee for late payment of 2% of the total unpaid fee stated in the tuition notice will be applied.
  • From the 15th – the 30th day from the due date: A late payment penalty fee of 5% of the total unpaid fee stated in the tuition notice will be applied.
  • The deadline for late payment of tuition fees must not be more than 30 days. If this time limit is exceeded, SACE College Vietnam reserves the right to consider stopping the provision of educational services to the student if the parents do not have an acceptable reason approved by SACE College Vietnam.



  • Students who enroll later than the official opening date will be arranged for make-up lessons in groups or 1 – 1 lessons with teachers to be able to catch up with classmates in the same course.
  • Late admission time is regulated by SACE College Vietnam according to each academic year and admission progress of each course.
  • The tuition fee applied to students enrolled in the SACEi late does not differ from those who enroll on the scheduled date because the total amount of time studying with teachers is the same.